Our Story

When I got sober two years ago, I was so sick of alcohol because it drained me, made me slow and tired, less productive and honestly just took more than it gave me. But you know what, there was no alternative. Trust me, I looked everywhere. And I was so afraid that I would lose my social circle and become boring because I was going to stop drinking. I mean, what would I order at dinner with friends: hot green tea?

How the Magic Started…

I was looking for something to replace alcohol with, something that tasted amazing, something with an EFFECT that made me just a tad better version of myself without all the headache (and inflammation) that alcohol brings. Something to help me want to PARTY, something to  help me have better SEX, and something to help me SLEEP better. These were the three things I did like about alcohol, the things I wanted to have without slowly killing myself. So why were all the non-alcoholic brands out there tasting bad while nothing happened when I drank them? I wanted to be PROUD to order something incredible and complex and full of flavor that would help me DANCE and stay up talking late at night, without the hangover.

This is the story of MAGIC KICK. This is the alternative to alcohol.

For the cool, smart, and fun people. I call us top-of-the-food-chain. Because we want to live large but be fresh in the morning. We want fancy, we want fun, we want crazy, but most of all we want to be present. Present at work, present with our kids, present in our own beautiful bodies. We chose LIFE. We just need a little magic kick in it. We all do.

Bottled in California. Patent-pending formula. 

Highest quality ingredients, including Mushroom extracts... Best served over ice. Can be mixed with anything, even alcohol if you must. Experiment yourself and enjoy the magic, after all,  you are kick-ass.

With love, Fredrik